Chenna Sweets

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This pack contains 10 Pcs of RajBhog. RajBhog is made of chenna, keshar and sugar syrup.

Code: CS-001 Weight (approx):

Sweets made of milk. Popular among children and elders.

Code: CS-006 Weight (approx): 1 000Gms.

A chenna based traditional indian sweets. Made of pure chenna and khoya.

Code: CS-004 Weight (approx): 500Gms.

Bestseller Sweets....Rasmalai and as the name suggest the sweets is dipped in Ras (Keshar Milk)...

Code: CS-005 Weight (approx):

Pack contains 10 Pcs of Rasgullas. Rasgullas are made of pure chenna and sugar syrup

Code: CS-002 Weight (approx):