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Kaju Burfi is made from cashew nuts, sugar, pistachio and silver leaves. Indian sweets is widely...

Code: KS-007 Weight (approx): 1 000Gms.

Coconut Cookies has a cookie like taste and is made from khoya, coconut powder and decorated...

Code: TS-005 Weight (approx): 500Gms.

Rasilla Gulabjamun Small Size 10Pcs Packed in 1 Box

Code: OTH-0001 Weight (approx):
List price:Rs300.00
You save:7%

Madhulika Paneer 500 Gms.

Code: OS-001 Weight (approx): 500Gms.

Chilled Drinking water for the guest at door. Branded Packaged Drinking Water. 4Lts

Code: OS-002 Weight (approx):